Coolant flushes provide many benefits to your cooling system. It is important to maintain your cooling system, just like every other part of your automobile, which is why we recommend a coolant flush once a year to keep your cooling system working effectively.

Your engine temperature is maintained by the flow of anti-freeze, more commonly referred to as coolant. A coolant flush pushes anti-freeze through your cooling system in order to do a complete cleanse by clearing out all of the old anti-freeze and any contaminants that have built up. When you get a coolant flush, all of the old anti-freeze is evacuated from your system, ensuring that when we put new anti-freeze in, it won’t mix with the old. Lastly, conditioners are added in order to prevent rust and scale deposits, resulting in new longer-lasting anti-freeze.

Every make and model is different, and therefore is on a varied maintenance schedule. Check your owner’s manual to see when it’s time for your vehicle to receive a coolant flush. Usually this flush needs to be performed once a year. If it has been over a year since your vehicle has received a coolant flush, call your local Christian Brothers Automotive today.

Satisfied Christian Brothers Radiator and Cooling System Service and Repair Customer Reviews

“These guys were great. They did an excellent job repairing my radiator, they did it fast and kept in touch with me throughout the process. They even gave my two-year-old and me a ride home when we dropped off the vehicle. I will definitely use them again and again whenever the need arises.”

Michael W. – Customer at Christian Brothers Automotive

“Christian Brothers in Amarillo has done it again! I have an older car that recently needed some work on the cooling system. When I spoke to Brian, I told him that my goal was to keep the car two more years and asked him to recommend anything that needed to be done to make that happen. Any other shop would have taken that as an opportunity to recommend anything they thought they could get away with. Instead, I was told that everything looked good now and to just keep up with oil changes and have it checked out every now and then. The honesty the guys at Christian Brothers show will keep me coming back and recommending them to all my friends.”

Shauna T. – Customer at Christian Brothers Automotive