We all know that a car must have fuel to operate. But, did you know that a car can be made more fuel efficient with proper service and maintenance? Cleaning the fuel system regularly can remove engine deposits, clean cylinders, make sure moving parts are free of debris and help your car’s exhaust system and catalytic converter last longer.

The right fuel system cleaning treatment can do wonders for your vehicle’s performance.  Dirty fuel systems create sluggish cars, dirty spark plugs and low fuel mileage. Christian Brothers Automotive provides a fuel system check up and cleaning to provide a more fuel efficient vehicle.

Injectors spray fuel through an injection nozzle into the combustion chamber. Ideally, injectors will spray a fine, cone-shaped mist of fuel vapor. Deposits and wear can cause these injectors to spray inefficient streams of fuel onto the chamber. These streams of fuel burn poorly and rob your car’s performance causing hesitation and other performance problems. Fuel injection cleaning involves removing deposits from the injectors, fuel lines and adding a clean fuel filter to your vehicle.

Dirty fuel and inefficient fuel systems also can lead to more expensive repairs. One of the major causes of premature catalytic converter failure is improper fuel burning. A new catalytic converter can cost thousands.

A bit of preventative maintenance on your fuel system can save you from costly repairs or system replacements.

Satisfied Christian Brothers Fuel System Service and Repair Customer Reviews

“They told us my son should get 2-4 miles per gallon better mileage with the fuel injector service. He called and he got 5 miles per gallon better! You guys are the greatest and take such good care of my family!”

James C. – Customer at the Christian Brothers Automotive location in New Territory, TX

“My truck was starting to take longer to crank and chugging a little bit starting from a full stop. The Christian Brothers Automotive shop in Weatherford talked to me, told me it probably was the fuel pump, and told me what it would cost. They fixed it in one day for what they said. What more do you want?”

Duane K. – Customer at the Christian Brothers Automotive location in Weatherford, TX

“Quick diagnostics and replacement of fuel pump. Reasonable prices for periodic service. They have a knowledgeable and friendly staff, clean waiting room and restroom facilities. Wi-Fi is available. It’s a clean modern shop that shows a professional, technical staff. Thanks for your help.”

Kaiwa W. – Customer at the Christian Brothers Automotive location in Alliance, TX