Wheel Alignment: A Needed Car Repair

Problems with alignment are one of the most widespread car issues, and if you are reading this, you may suspect you are afflicted with them. You know about a few symptoms of off alignment, the most common one being a pull or tug left or right when keeping the steering wheel straight. You may also notice squealing on turns, or a tired arm when you have finished a long drive. The effects of a bad alignment are much greater than a simple annoyance, stealing hundreds of miles away from the lifespan of your tires and suspension. Thankfully, your alignment issues will go away with the assistance of Christian Brothers Automotive.

We begin by doing a complimentary Courtesy Inspection to identify the problems that are affecting your car. When we locate alignment problems, we then go through a process to reset the alignment to original manufacturer settings, using computer sensors and the experience of our ASE-Certified technicians. If you cannot stay around during the process, we will give you a ride on our free shuttle to home, school, or work.

Alignment problems have the potential to bring about serious long term damage – prevent it with the help of Christian Brothers Automotive. Visit us to fix your car’s alignment problems.

The Dangers of Poor Wheel Alignment

If you drive around with poor alignment, you will end up with much bigger problems than a tired arm. The friction it puts on your tires can take hundreds of miles off of their lifespan. Worse than that, improper alignment destroys your suspension and hurts your gas mileage.

Bad alignment can do real damage to your car. Want to know how to fix that? Look at your tires for wear, and if you think there is an issue with your alignment, go to Christian Brothers Automotive to fix it.

Repair Your Alignment at Christian Brothers Automotive

Christian Brothers Automotive is where you need to go to take care of common vehicle problems. In case you notice that your alignment is not correct, or feel any of its common symptoms, visit Christian Brothers to get it repaired.

Many people do not look forward to car repairs. But, with our history of quality service and ASE-Certified technicians, we can provide you with what you require to alleviate your car repair worries. You will be astounded at the difference that the right car repairs will make. For Highlands Ranch alignment and all other car repairs, visit Christian Brothers Automotive.