Christian Brothers Battery Replacement in Highlands Ranch, CO

If your automobile doesn’t start, the engine turnover is very weak or there are other electrical problems, it’s probably the battery. Give Christian Brothers a call and our auto techs can get you on the road again in a hurry.

Your Highlands Ranch auto battery provides the first energy your vehicle needs, from simply starting the auto to making your headlights and stereo functional. With standard use, a car or truck battery will last about 3 to 5 years. If you drive in extreme temperatures, go off-roading, or have a large speaker system, the battery’s life will be even shorter.

At Christian Brothers, we offer to Highlands Ranch customers:

  • An Extensive Stock of Car Batteries to Ensure We Have The Size And Type You Need
  • Car or Truck Battery Recycling
  • Alternator and Starter System Testing
  • Battery Charging and Testing

Vehicle batteries work with the starter and alternator to power up and run the vehicle. The battery sends energy to the starter, which turns the engine over. The starter also creates mechanical energy, which is used by the alternator to produce electric energy.

For this reason, Christian Brothers mechanics recommend that you get your battery checked by a professional regularly. If you don’t, an aging battery could ruin a good alternator by causing it to overheat as it tries continuously to recharge the battery. Likewise, an old battery can cause your starter to work too hard and wear out quickly. You can save money by replacing batteries before they die completely.

To save money, you should also check to make sure the rest of the electrical system is working right. This is because bad starters and alternators can lead to the battery constantly running at less-than-full charge. That makes the battery go through a process called sulfation and die quickly.

When you come into our repair business with battery problems, our mechanics will first test the battery. It might be best to charge the battery first using a charger in our shop, and that could take hours. We will also test the cranking amp capacity of your alternator and your starter, and make sure all of the cables and connections are in prime working order.

When it’s time to replace the battery, don’t get your hands dirty by doing it on your own. You don’t have to know the purpose of each cable for installation, either. With Christian Brothers, you’ll be in and out quickly. Call with questions and to schedule a visit.

You can drive safely and reliably, giving you the knowledge that everything is performing at top capacity. We’ll handle the recycling, too.