Check Engine Light Service Highlands Ranch

Before you try to repair your service engine light by yourself, please read the content below. Often, the service engine light is set off by problems that have little to do with your car’s engine. To get the entire story, you must read the code that provoked the service engine light, and then have the car inspected.

Here are a few of the problems that often set off the service engine light:

  • Failing CO2 Canister
  • Old Catalytic Converter
  • Engine Failure
  • Bad Fuel Tank Cap
  • Broken O2 Sensor
  • Spark Plug and Wiring Problems
  • Failing Mass Air Flow Sensor
  • Poor Ignition Coils

If your service engine light is on, it is time to fix the issue. Let the professionals at Christian Brothers Automotive repair your Highlands Ranch car problems. You can trust our history of precise service and ASE-Certified technicians.