Power Steering Service & Repairs in Highlands Ranch, CO

When was the last time you tried turning a car that didn’t have power steering? It’s a workout. Fortunately, power steering now exists.

Your power steering system is powered by your power steering pump. The pump adds pressure which pushes fluid into the power steering system. Power steering pumps are generally driven by a belt that is powered by your car’s engine, but some are powered electronically. The fluid enters the power steering system through hoses. The entire system is reliant upon clean power steering fluid.

Christian Brothers checks your fluid during every visit as part of the complimentary Courtesy Inspection. Power steering fluid cools, cleans and provides lubrication for the many moving parts of the power steering system. This is important because over time heat can decrease the effectiveness of the fluid.

Christian Brothers Automotive has expert, ASE-Certified, vehicle technicians who can flush your system and that will protect your power steering system. Christian Brothers uses on the highest quality, BG power steering fluid and power steering system cleaners. We completely flush the system of worn out fluid. Next, the power steering system is cleansed with a detergent and conditioner, flushed and filled with new fluid based on manufacturer standard.

If your power steering system is starting to fail, there are some key warning signs to look for. They are: loud whining noises, low fluid, or difficulty turning. Keeping your fluid checked and clean will help protect your power steering system from failure and costly repairs.