Highlands Ranch’s Tire Rotations to keep your tires going

Tires can be a very expensive purchase for all drivers. Because of this, you obviously want to make this investment last as long as it can. Christian Brothers can help you do this. Regular tire rotations and maintenance can extend your tires’ durability and allow you to drive safely.

Tire rotations need to be done every 7,000 miles. Driving conditions, tire quality, and vehicle weight can all impact frequency of Highlands Ranch tire rotation. Failure to rotate your tires can lead to severe consequences starting with uneven tire wear or tire failure. To remember this, Christian Brothers recommends a tire rotation at every other oil change.

Every visit to our Highlands Ranch location includes a free Courtesy Inspection from an ASE-Certified technician. Our vehicle inspections include your car’s tires. This entails checking tire pressure, looking for damage, and finding any wear or tear on the tread.

Find out if your car needs a Highlands Ranch tire rotation with a Courtesy Inspection from Christian Brothers today.