Highlands Ranch’s Vehicle Transmission Service Experts

Your transmission is an incredibly important part of your car. Your transmission functions as the link between your engine and your wheels. It transmits energy to ensure your car is able to move where you direct it.

Most of us aren’t too worried about our transmissions until issues arise. These problems are typically evident through burning smells, grinding sounds, difficulty shifting, or leaking fluids. For all transmission problems, Christian Brothers is the right place to go. Additionally, we also provide maintenance service to keep you from running into these problems down the road. It doesn’t matter what your reason is for visiting us, you can always expect honest quotes and high-quality service.

Transmission Repairs

Time is of the essence when it comes to repairing your transmission. We will make sure that we do not add to this problem by getting your car into the shop in a hurry. We work to provide you with an honest estimate for the entire cost that you can expect to pay, rather than trying to talk you into spending money on things that you don’t need.

Whenever your car needs transmission repairs, you can depend on Christian Brothers Automotive in the Highlands Ranch area to care for you.

Transmission Maintenance & Inspections

Have you put a transmission inspection on your car’s maintenance calendar? If not, you should. This simple act, along with a fluid flush, could save you thousands of dollars in future repairs.

Your transmission fluid keeps the system lubricated and maintains a safe temperature. A transmission flush will simply replace ineffective fluid with new fluid. At your Christian Brothers, we utilize the very best fluid and conditioner during this process. We will even let you oversee the whole thing through our observation window.

About Christian Brothers

For over 30 years, we’ve provided high-quality automotive repairs to our clients. We started with a single shop in Texas and now operate over 100 locations across the country. Christian Brothers employs ASE-Certified technicians to handle all your repairs and maintenance services, including batteries, AC services, transmissions, and alignments. Experience the difference for yourself by dropping by our shop today!