Christian Brothers Automotive can install quality air filters into your vehicle. Idling in rush hour traffic isn’t just bad on your back and patience, it’s bad for the atmosphere and your health. Vehicles expel harmful pollutants and toxins into the air. You are surrounded by them whenever you are stuck in traffic. The best line of defense against these harmful gases is in your vehicle’s cabin filter. A bad cabin filter will cause dirty, polluted air to enter through the vehicle’s air filtration system.

Protect your family from breathing in these harmful toxins by having a Christian Brothers Automotive ASE-certified technician check or repair your air filtration system. Every time you bring your vehicle into your neighborhood Christian Brothers Automotive, one of our expert technicians will look at your air filtration system as part of our Courtesy Inspection. If the technician notices a problem with your vehicle’s air filtration system, they will inform you and offer to service or repair the auto part. We will never perform an auto repair or service without telling you first.

Have you had your vehicle’s air filters changed recently? Avoid breathing in harmful pollutants from other drivers’ cars. Call Christian Brothers Automotive today to schedule air filtration service.