At Christian Brothers Automotive, we want to be your neighborhood partner for auto repairs and services. A big part of the services we offer start when you bring your automobile to our shop for a repair estimate. While we understand the importance of a healthy vehicle, we have greater respect for you, the driver. Every customer at Christian Brothers Automotive receives remarkable service from our qualified auto experts.

When you visit Christian Brothers Automotive for an estimate, ASE-certified, experienced auto repair technicians are equipped to quickly return your car back to the road. Our Christian Brothers Automotive has manufacturer diagnostic and repair tools ready for your vehicle. Meaning, there is no waiting around for equipment, or sending your car off to other shops to get the right diagnosis. Christian Brothers Automotive creates an appropriate estimate and does it quickly.

Have you ever questioned a repair estimate for your automobile and thought “how do I know if this is accurate?” At Christian Brothers Automotive, you will know exactly what your vehicle needs before a component breaks. We never want you to break down on the road and be stranded because of a preventable car maintenance issue. When you receive an estimate, we will communicate in a way that is understandable and we will not have a hidden agenda or hidden fees. We will clearly outline your options for your car’s particular needs.

At Christian Brothers Automotive, we ask your permission before we commence performing any services on your car. You do not need to be fearful about paying for items or services that are unnecessary. We consider it a pleasure and it is our responsibility to inform you of the condition of your vehicle. We want you and your family to be safe on vacation, running errands and to school or work every day. An expertly-trained, experienced, ASE certified technician will treat your car as if it was his own. Trust Christian Brothers Automotive to keep your car maintained to handle your family’s needs.

We want to be your trusted source in auto repair. For an auto repair estimate, call your local Christian Brothers Automotive shop today. We will be happy to welcome you to the Christian Brothers Automotive family.