What’s that grinding noise? Is your car shifting hard? When the transmission is having trouble, it’s a bad feeling. Transmission service, repairs or replacement can be expensive. At Christian Brothers Automotive, we see battered and broken transmissions every day. But with regular maintenance, transmission fluid flushes and service, you can avoid a catastrophic failure and keep your car’s transmission healthier for longer.

Modern transmissions are more detailed than ever, but still operate in the same basic way. They transfer energy created by the engine to the wheels. Speaking simply, the transmission is the link between your motor and the wheels; the linchpin of the drivetrain.

Transmission Service

Transmission maintenance is different for almost every vehicle. The manufacturer has exact specifications about service schedules, fluid types and more. Lucky for you, Christian Brothers and its team of expertly-trained, ASE-certified, transmission service experts have the latest and greatest tools, service schedules, fluids and parts for your car’s transmission.

The transmission is a complex arrangement of moving parts. Gears and sensors keep the energy transfer from the engine to the wheels smooth. But all this movement and friction creates serious heat. The transmission fluid helps maintain safe and consistent temperatures and lubricates those moving parts. Clean transmission fluid helps maintain the life of this important vehicle component.

Christian Brothers Automotive recommends a full transmission fluid flush at intervals based on manufacturer recommended standards. We’ll do the research for you and recommend one if your vehicle is due. We take every vehicle’s well-being seriously. Christian Brothers will never do any work without your approval, nor will we ever try to sell you something you don’t need. But we will never let you and your family drive away not knowing if something on your vehicle needs attention.

A transmission fluid flush involves the complete removal of the old fluid and a cleaning of the system. Christian Brothers will change any transmission fluid filters if there are any and install new, premium quality transmission fluid.  The Christian Brothers transmission fluid flush is complete. An ASE certified technician runs a transmission conditioner through the system and then uses clean, premium transmission fluid to clean the system. State-of-the-art machines allow us to monitor and control every step of the process. You can even watch the old, dirty transmission fluid move out of your transmission via an observation window on the machine.

This service is critical to the health of your transmission. Transmission fluid breaks down over time because of heat. A transmission inspection and fluid flush could save you thousands in transmission repairs in the future.

Sometimes, repairs or replacement are your only options. Christian Brothers will make sure of this before any work is performed. It could be something computer-related and not mechanical. Sometimes, a software update can take care of the problem. Christian Brothers will always work to pinpoint the problem and minimize the cost of your repair.