Christian Brothers Automotive provides their customers with honest and dependable auto repair service. Whenever you are getting an auto repair or basic service at Christian Brothers Automotive, your vehicle’s battery is checked to make sure it’s in good shape (as part of our Courtesy Inspection). A surprise dead battery is never fun–especially in the summer or winter. Simple checkups can save you the hassle of being stranded because of a dead battery.

When a vehicle comes into a Christian Brothers Automotive, an ASE certified technician will load test your vehicle’s battery to confirm it still holds the proper amount of charge.

If the battery doesn’t meet our standard, we notify the customer and offer to change it for them. We will never sell you an auto part you don’t need. If a customer decides to have us change the battery, an ASE-certified technician removes the old battery and disposes it in a way that is safe for the environment.

Christian Brothers Automotive carries quality batteries from Interstate or Continental at every location. Get your vehicle’s battery changed by a Christian Brothers Automotive ASE-certified technician and avoid wondering whether or not your car will start when you need it to.


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Satisfied Christian Brothers Battery Service and Repair Customer Reviews


“I brought our van in to get a new battery around noon yesterday, expecting to have to leave it for a few hours. However, they told me it would be less than an hour, so I went to lunch nearby and, when I came back, it was nearly done! This was such a blessing since I was in a time crunch. Thanks Christian Brothers!”

Anthony J. – Customer at the Christian Brothers Automotive

“We bought a battery from Christian Brothers. After two years, there was an issue. Christian Brothers took care of us and replaced the battery. No issues. Great service. They do the right thing.”

Pam. M. – Customer at the Christian Brothers Automotive

“These folks are so nice and considerate. I brought my pickup in early for an oil change and to get a new battery (which I thought was failing). After being offered coffee and a soft drink, I sat down to wait on my pickup. In about 45 minutes, they explained to me that they had load tested my battery three times and could find nothing wrong with it and suggested that I not replace it (at least at this time). Most shops want to sell you anything they can for your auto. They are really honest and up front with their customers. I wouldn’t take my cars anywhere else. Oh, they said the only thing that they found to sell me was a set of windshield wipers, which I had intended to replace two months ago.”

Weldon B. – Customer at the Christian Brothers Automotive