Remember These Simple Tips to Drive Safely in the Rain

This is the time of year in that rain storms are more likely to occur. While this weather is great for crops and the grass in our yards, it can make driving more difficult. That’s why the team at would like to present you with five easy steps to improve driving in the rain. Replace… Read more »

European Car Maintenance & Repairs

You probably love your exotic car like you love few other things in life. You fill it up with quality gas, hand-wash it on Saturdays, and make sure all food stays a mile away at all times. You just can’t beat the way it feels when your car accelerates or handles a turn. But what… Read more »

Rules For Driving Safe in Foggy Weather

How to Drive Safe in the Fog Snowy weather usually comes to mind when people talk about driving during the winter. But these aren’t the only obstacles that drivers can come across during these months. Dense fog can make driving very difficult, or even impossible, for any driver. Even if fog isn’t on the forecast… Read more »

Christian Brothers Automotive Celebrates Another Successful National Service Day

Across the country, dedicated Christian Brothers Automotive locations are celebrating another successful National Service Day. This year, we were blessed to serve almost 1,800 vehicles! National Service Day gives back to single mothers in the local community National Service Day began back in 2005 with Steve and Barbara Berry at Christian Brothers Automotive Cedar Park… Read more »

Winter Is Coming: Christian Brothers Automotive Helps You Prepare

We’ve reached the end of September, and the holiday season is fast approaching. Across the country, temperatures are dropping rapidly and drivers are preparing their vehicles for the colder weather.  Regardless of whether your state has experienced a cold front this year, it’s never too soon to prepare for winter. To help, the experienced staff… Read more »

Extend The Life Of Your Cooling System With A Radiator Flush

This month, Christian Brothers Automotive is committed to setting the record straight on cooling system service. We’ve already covered the basics of the cooling system, common cooling system misconceptions and knowing when it’s time for maintenance. Today is the final post in the cooling system series. We’ll explain the benefits of a fluid flush, and why… Read more »

The Shocking Truth about Your Vehicle’s Cooling System

This month, Christian Brothers Automotive is dedicated to setting the record straight on cooling system service. We’ve already covered the basics of the cooling system and common misconceptions about the cooling system. Today, we’ll cover the most important part: knowing when cooling system service is necessary.  What parts of the cooling system require extra attention? Your… Read more »

Top 5 Cooling System Maintenance Myths Busted

There’s a wealth of misinformation circulating about automotive repair. Every time a question it asked, it seems like a new answer is given. Add amateur mechanics and unethical auto repair shops to the already confusing conversation, and it’s tough to get a straight answer. Not only could this result in you paying for unnecessary services,… Read more »

What Is The Cooling System And Why Should You Care?

Did you know dirt in the engine and overheating are the two biggest causes of engine failure? As we mentioned in our series on Air Filter Service, debris in the engine can cause major system damage. Likewise, the engine running too hot can cause the metal parts to wear away on one another. To mitigate… Read more »

7 Car Hacks To Instantly Improve Every Drive

At Christian Brothers Automotive, we’re always looking for ways to make your life more convenient. To move forward in this endeavor, our knowledgeable, ASE-certified technicians pooled their resources and years of experience into 7 car hacks that can instantly improve every drive.  1. Clean cloudy headlights with toothpaste It turns out toothpaste (especially whitening toothpaste)… Read more »