There are plenty of automotive shops that offer a free check engine light check diagnostic. However, be careful to not be misled by the available service. The free reading you receive usually just tells part of the story versus uncovering the problem in its entirety. Obviously, the check engine light indicates that something is malfunctioning but a wrong diagnosis can lead to a costly part replacement that may be unnecessary.

At Christian Brothers Automotive, we treat your car’s check engine light with the same thorough approach that our expert ASE certified technicians perform with other services and repairs. The reading is used to verify the code that provoked the check engine light. The code indicates a problem on a particular circuit. It does not necessarily mean that there is a problem with an actual part but interference within the circuit. Christian Brothers Automotive will not recommend or sell you a part unless your car absolutely needs it.

We do a thorough inspection along with the computer analysis to detect the cause of the problem and minimize the expense of your repairs. Your car is loaded with wires, sensors and computers. The check engine light indicates a problem, and problems do not resolve without attention. However, you will find that if the root of the check engine light indicator is not accurately diagnosed, the problem will reappear sending you yet again back to the automotive shop. Allow Christian Brothers Automotive to save you time by doing the diagnostic check correctly the first time.

Rely on Christian Brothers Automotive and its team of ASE certified technicians to properly diagnose the root of the problem that caused your car’s check engine light to appear. It could save you hundreds of dollars of repairs by preventing a future part failure. If your check engine light is on, call your local Christian Brothers Automotive shop today.


Satisfied Christian Brothers Check Engine Light Diagnosis, Service and Repair Customer Reviews

“Quality and quick are two words rarely capable of being combined together when referencing automotive care. However, I can genuinely say they both describe Christian Bros Auto in Hutto. The check engine light on my ’94 Ranger was coming on intermittently and the performance of the vehicle had slowly decreased over the past few months. I was recommended to Jon and his team and barely five hours after bringing the car into the shop the rather complex problem had been diagnosed, and a solution recommended. I had them fix the issue for what I believe was a fair price and haven’t had a recurrence since then. I was legitimately shocked at the expediency and the value they provided.”

Scott H. – Customer at Christian Brothers Automotive

“Christian Brothers Automotive fit me in to their schedule even though it was a bit late in the morning, and they soon pinpointed the exact reason (among several) for my check engine light. They patiently answered all my questions, making me confident my issue was resolved. Thank you.”

Eric S. – Customer at Christian Brothers Automotive

“They did what no other shop could. I have been having a huge problem with my check engine light and had taken it to several mechanics in the area. Christian Brothers was able to fix my problem in the first trip where with others I had to take it back four times without any success.”

Debra W. – Customer at Christian Brothers Automotive