Our Guide to Headlight Replacement

How many people does it take to screw in a headlight? If you know what you are doing, it shouldn’t take more than one. In the article below, we have included everything you need to know to replace an old headlamp, he official name for what most of us refer to as headlights, with a… Read more »

The Difference in Replacement Brakes

Whether it’s hit the road blues or show tunes and summer camping, summer driving is upon us. In reality, before you even reach the end of the driveway, you will probably have to apply the brakes. When the brakes need replacing, decide based on good information. A great pair of brake pads will last a… Read more »

Are Blue Headlights Safe?

You are traveling down a black highway at night, in the country. It’s the type of place that you feel that if you were to get stranded, there would not be anyone to provide aid for a while. You’ve been traveling for a while and safety for you and your family is top priority. After… Read more »

Christian Brothers Certified Mechanics

You might have seen on our site that we employ mechanics certified by ASE at our shop in Highlands Ranch. What is ASE and how should it impact your car care decisions? Let’s talk about some of these questions in today’s blog. What is ASE? ASE is an acronym for the National Institute for Automotive… Read more »

Auto AC Repairs From Christian Brothers

Don’t wait until it’s too late to fix a broken AC system. Temperatures in Highlands Ranch, CO, will get unbearably hot and you’ll need your AC system working to keep you and your family cool. The mechanics at Christian Brothers can help with this through professional AC repairs and inspections. Here are three areas that… Read more »

How Our Auto Shop in Highlands Ranch Handles Car Repair

The ASE-certified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Highlands Ranch care about the safety and efficiency of your vehicle. One of the best ways to ensure your car is running properly is to keep it maintained. Do you know one of the most important maintenance services? With regular maintenance, including tire rotations, your tires will last… Read more »

Switching Winter Tires For Summer Tires

Your attire isn't the only thing that you need to change now that spring has arrived. Snow tires also need to be swapped for tires designed for warm temperatures. Read the information below to learn more about this process and understand what you need to do. About Snow Tires Everyone knows that driving in the… Read more »

What to Do When Your Check Engine Light Turns On

It feels like a regular day in Highlands Ranch. Then things take a turn when your Check Engine Light becomes visible on your dashboard. You start to panic. What's wrong with your car? Christian Brothers is here to help you. This post will help you familiarize yourself with the Check Engine Light, how it works,… Read more »

Do You Need Premium Gasoline?

It might be time to reconsider some common ideas about regular compared to premium gas. Most of the time, all you need is low-octane regular gasoline, according to your team of auto experts at Christian Brothers in Highlands Ranch, CO. There are no engine cleaning benefits, and expensive gas usually doesn’t mean more longevity. It’s… Read more »

3 Automotive Repair Myths Busted By Our Highlands Ranch Shop

The staff at Christian Brothers Automotive Highlands Ranch busts car repair myths every day. We constantly face customers operating under misconceptions about their vehicle or our auto repair shop. Today, our Highlands Ranch car shop is ready to set the record straight. Here are three auto repair myths, busted by our automotive industry experts. 1…. Read more »