Highlands Ranch Coolant Flushes

Coolant flushes provide many benefits to your cooling system. You need to take care of your cooling system, as with every other part of your car. That’s why we recommend a coolant flush once a year to keep your cooling system working as it should.

Your engine temperature is regulated by the flow of antifreeze, more commonly referred to as coolant. A coolant flush pushes antifreeze through the cooling system in order to do a total cleanse by flushing out all of the old antifreeze and any contaminants that have accumulated. When you have a coolant flush, all that old antifreeze is removed from your system, ensuring that when we put new antifreeze in, it will not mix in with the old. Finally, conditioners are added in order to prevent scale deposits and rust, which gives you new, longer-lasting antifreeze.

All makes and models are different, and therefore they all have varied maintenance schedules. Consult your owner’s manual to see when you need to get a coolant flush. In most cases this flush has to be performed annually. If it’s been over a year since your vehicle had a coolant flush, visit your local Christian Brothers Automotive for one today.