Tune-Up Services in Highlands Ranch

When was the last time that you took a look at your car’s owner’s manual? If you are like most people, you probably only read it when your car is experiencing unexpected issues. But if you looked underneath all the old receipts and junk mail to find your manual, you would actually find a lot of helpful tips. One of these items is the Maintenance Schedule. This is a list of items that includes all the important services you need to have performed at specific mileage points. This schedule serves as an easy how-to guide for prolonging the life of your car.

At Christian Brothers, we acknowledge that many of our customers don’t have the time to keep track of their car’s maintenance needs. Because of this, we provide tune-ups for our local customers. Bring your car into our shop and we will perform a thorough analysis on many of its important components. This may include*:

• Spark plugs
• Brakes
• Oil & other fluids
• Lights
• Tires
• Filters
• Emissions

During your tune-up, we will provide an inspection for the areas listed above* and provide any needed replacements and repairs. We prioritize communication and honesty, which is why we make sure to keep you informed about the details and cost of the services you need. Ultimately, the work done on your car will still be up to you.

The Christian Brothers Difference

Why should you go to Christian Brothers Automotive for your tune-up? Our experienced technicians only use the best parts and products for every service. Get a tune-up from Christian Brothers and drive your car with confidence.

*The specific items that will be a part of your tune-up will vary based on your car, along with other factors.