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At Christian Brothers Automotive, we pride ourselves on offering a Nice difference.® to our customers. Whether it’s offering you a cold beverage while you wait, or pulling your vehicle right to the door, we always strive to go the extra mile. That is why we chose a warranty to go above and beyond for our customers.

While most auto repair warranties expire at the earlier of the two limits (miles or months), our warranty is the opposite. Your warranty will expire after 2 years or 24,000 miles, whichever benefits you the most.

That means if it takes you three years to put 24,000 miles on your car, your warranty will still be valid during that third year. Or if you put 40,000 miles on your car in two years, your warranty will still be valid until the end of the second year.

Our 2 year / 24,000 mile warranty is valid at any Christian Brothers location nationwide. If you had your car repaired at our Amarillo location and that part fails while on vacation in Atlanta, you’re covered. Simply take your vehicle to any of our locations and we’ll take care of you.


Nice Differences


Limitations and Exclusions

Limitations and Exclusions detailed within your specific Repair Invoice are in addition to the following and take precedence over the general Terms, Limitations and Exclusions.

The earliest effective date of the warranty is 7/1/2013.

All Warranty service must be authorized by the originating Christian Brothers facility IN ADVANCE. Repairs performed without prior authorization will not be eligible for coverage or reimbursement under this Warranty. Authorization is only available during normal Christian Brothers business days and hours. (Monday through Friday 7am – 6pm, excluding Holidays)

Warranty coverage will not exceed the dollar amount of the original repair.

Christian Brothers may utilize a Third Party Warranty provider for repairs beyond 25 miles from the originating repair facility. Authorization from this Third Party provider must be obtained before initiating or approving Warranty repairs.

The Christian Brothers Automotive Nice Difference Warranty is a 2 year/24,000 mile limited warranty on labor and new components installed against defects in manufacturer workmanship and material. Normal operational wear, excessive or abusive use, performance modifications and/or commercial use are not applicable.

The following vehicles are subject to a warranty period limited to and not to extend the written warranty provided by the manufacturer of any such installed part. Labor reimbursement is not eligible.

  • Motor Homes – Including Van conversion chassis
  • Ambulance
    • To include both emergency response and non-emergency patient transportation.
  • Transit/School Bus
  • Tow Truck
    • To include both licensed and/or private use.
  • Automotive off-highway use
    • To include both registered and non-registered automotive chassis vehicles that are not subject to highway use tax.
  • Package Delivery
    • To include US Postal Service vehicles (LLV-FFV) and rural route vehicles.
  • Police Car/Truck/Van
    • To include pursuit, cruiser and prisoner transportation.
  • Taxi/Limousine
  • Any vehicle over one (1) ton
  • Snow Removal – Private/Commercial/Municipal
    • Snow Removal is defined as any vehicle equipped with snow blade attachments or mounting hardware.

The following parts are subject to limitations, either reducing time and mileage parameters, and/or voiding all stated and implied warranties originally intended for approved parts. Labor reimbursement is not eligible.

  • Junkyard/Salvage yard or Used Parts
    • Defined as any part that has been installed and utilized by any other vehicle licensed or not.
  • Sublet or Rebuilt part(s)
    • Defined as any part(s) disassembled and/or reassembled with the intent to repair or refurbish, or any part produced by a commercially non recognized industry “remanufacturer.”
  • Remanufactured Engines, Transmissions, Differentials and Transfer Cases are only warrantied by the Remanufacturer. All Warranty conditions and coverages are limited to those specified by the Remanufacturer, and are not included in the Nice Difference® Warranty

Customer supplied parts are void of all written, promised and/or implied warranties. Labor reimbursement resulting from any such failed part or any related damage to, or caused by the installed Customer supplied part is not eligible. All Customer Supplied Parts are installed on “as-is” basis and subject to a higher published installation labor rate.