An oil and filter change is a basic service to provide for your vehicle. However, if a professional does not do it properly, it can cause a series of catastrophic problems.  Stripped drain plugs, loose filters and incorrect oil are just a few of the common problems we see every week at Christian Brothers Automotive that are the direct result of low cost oil changes.

At Christian Brothers Automotive, we believe in uncompromising quality on every service. From oil changes to engine replacements, your vehicle will be in the capable hands of an experienced, ASE certified technician. An oil change at Christian Brothers Automotive is affordable, and provides so much more than your standard oil and filter change.

Every time you bring your vehicle to Christian Brothers, you will receive a complimentary Courtesy Inspection. Our expert auto repair and maintenance technicians will check all of your vehicle’s fluids to see if they are at the manufacturer recommended levels and quality.

Christian Brothers Automotive believes in quality parts and fluids, too. We use the highest quality oil filters and synthetic blend and full synthetic motor oils. Did you know that Christian Brothers Automotive also offers recycled oil products? These fluids are the same high quality and are made by the same brand manufacturers as the other oils we use. However, these are developed from previously used motor oils and have even a less of a negative impact on the environment. In fact, three quarts of new, recycled blend oil can be achieved from each gallon of used motor oil. Compare that to the traditional refining process for motor oil which yields just one quart from a gallon of crude oil.

Do not settle for a non-professional job when it comes to oil and filter change. Simply, drop off your vehicle and take a seat in our comfortable couches, enjoy free Wi-Fi and a beverage. We also provide the option to take you back to the office or back home in our complimentary Courtesy Shuttle.

If it is time for an oil and filter change, visit us at Christian Brothers Automotive.  A professional will make sure your fluids are set to the proper standard, your brakes will be checked, tires will be properly inflated and you’ll be ready to safely take on the road.


Satisfied Christian Brothers Oil and Filter Change Service Customer Reviews

“I have always dreaded having the oil changed in my car; I had to sit in a dirty, usually smelly place and sometimes listen to off color, crude language. But all that has changed now that I have discovered Christian Brothers Automotive. I sat in a spotlessly clean and quiet environment, listening to Christian music playing softly in the background and had even been given a cup of coffee in a ceramic mug! I can’t wait for my NEXT oil change. PS: The cost was just the same as most other places and there was no push for me to buy other services my car did not really need.”

Judy T. – Customer at the Christian Brothers Automotive location in Amarillo, TX

“I arrived at 7:40 am on a Friday for an oil change. I asked if they would be able to get to my daughter’s car and be finished within an hour. Wahoo! I was out before 8:30. Service is always awesome and this has been my fourth visit. I couldn’t be happier. These guys go out of their way to give 110% customer satisfaction and service performance.”

Penny R. – Customer at the Christian Brothers Automotive location in Jackson, TN

“I scheduled an oil change and tire rotation for my SUV. Imagine my surprise and pleasure when my appointment time was my actual appointment time unlike most places. The employees were very courteous and helpful. The work was done efficiently and in a timely manner. I will definitely use Christian Brothers in the future!”

Phil D. – Customer at the Christian Brothers Automotive location in Tyler, TX