Remember These Simple Tips to Drive Safely in the Rain

This is the time of year that rain storms are more common. Even if you like this kind of weather, you can definitely agree that it can make driving more frustrating. That’s why Christian Brothers would like to present you with a few easy steps to improve driving in the rain. Replace your windshield wipers:… Read more »

European Car Maintenance & Repairs

There are few things in life that you love as much as your exotic car. You hand-wash it on Sundays, fill it up with premium gas, and make sure all food stays a mile away from your interior. You just can’t beat the way it feels when your car accelerates or handles a turn. But… Read more »

Rules For Driving Safe in Foggy Weather

Advice For Safe Driving in Foggy Weather When it comes to winter driving, most people tend to think about driving in the snow and ice. But these aren’t the only obstacles that drivers can encounter during these months. Heavy fog can make driving quite difficult, or even impossible, for any driver. Don’t expect to see… Read more »