When was the last time that you looked at your car’s owner’s manual? If you are like most people, you probably only grab it when your car is experiencing serious issues. But if you looked underneath all the old receipts and insurance cards to find it, you would actually find a lot of helpful information. One of these items is your Maintenance Schedule. The company that made your car You automobile’s manufacturer took the time to make a detailed schedule of all the services needed to keep the car running for a long time. Checking the items off the list can drastically improve the lifespan of your car.

Once you have located your manual, the next step is to make an appointment to have these services performed. Christian Brothers Automotive is proud to offer tune-ups for our local customers. Our tune-ups include a complete analysis on the components that help your car run. This might include*:

• Spark plugs
• Brakes
• Oil & other fluids
• Lights
• Tires
• Filters
• Emissions

As part of your tune-up, we will provide an inspection for the areas above* and offer any needed replacements and repairs. Before any further work is done, a technician from Christian Brothers will talk to you about the problem, how it will affect you, and what it will cost. No matter what we recommend, you have the final say on what service is done to your car.

The Christian Brothers Difference

Why should you go to Christian Brothers for your tune-up? Our ASE-certified technicians only use the best parts and products for every service. Our franchise has been providing quality auto care services since 1982 and knows the importance of customer satisfaction in this industry. Schedule a tune-up from Christian Brothers Automotive and drive your car with confidence.

*Specific features of your tune-up may vary based on your vehicle and the Christian Brothers location you visit.